Interfacing KY-008 Laser Transmitter module with Arduino


In this tutorial, we are Interfacing KY-008 Laser Transmitter module with Arduino, The KY-008 Laser Transmitter module emits a red dot-shaped laser beam. It is used as a laser pointer. and the operating voltage is 3-5 V and the required current is 40mA.

This module is able to interface with popular electronic platforms like Arduino, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers. that activate the laser on a specific signal.

Hardware Required

You will require the following Hardware Components for the Interfacing KY-008 Laser Transmitter module with Arduino

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What is a Laser Module?

The KY-008 Laser Module 650NM 5V head is composed of a light-emitting tube, condenser lens, and adjustable copper sleeve and it is assembled when expressed, the focal length of the lens is adjusted and glued by a strong glue stick, which can work directly after connecting to a 5V DC power supply.


This module contains a resistor, a 650nm red laser diode head, and 3 male header pins. Handle with a warning, do not use the laser beam instantly on the eyes.

Operating Voltage3.3v to 5v
Output Power5mW
Operating Current< 40mA
Operating temperature-36 ~ 65◦C.
Outputred laser straightly(650nm).
Working Temperature-10°C ~ 40°C [14°F to 104°F]
Board Dimensions18.5mm x 15mm [0.728in x 0.591in]
Pot size15 meters spot for φ10 mm ~ φ15.



Pin Configuration

Pin NamePin Type
(S) SignalSignal (to activate Laser)
middle PinVcc (+5) Power supply
(-) GNDGround

Features of KY-008 Laser Transmitter module

  1. Laser Diode: The module contains a low-power laser diode that emits a focused and visible laser beam, making it ideal for laser pointer applications and optical communication.
  2. Compact Size: The KY-008 module is compact and easy to integrate into small-scale projects, making it convenient for use in various electronic devices.
  3. Easy to Control: It can be controlled with simple digital signals from microcontrollers like Arduino, allowing for easy on/off control of the laser.
  4. Low Power Consumption: The module operates on low power, making it energy-efficient and suitable for battery-powered applications.
  5. Versatility: The KY-008 Laser Transmitter Module can be utilized in a wide range of projects, including robotics, security systems, educational demonstrations, and optical communication, providing versatility and flexibility in its applications.

Circuit Diagram

The following circuit shows you the connection of the KY-008 Laser Transmitter module with Arduino Please make the connection carefully


Circuit Connections

Place the laser module on the Breadboard and connect the ground (-) of the module to the GND of the arduino and then the signal pin (S) of the module to pin 13 of the arduino respectively. The middle pin of the module is not used.

Pin 8Signal

Installing Arduino IDE Software

First, you will require to Download the updated version of Arduino IDE Software and Install it on your PC or laptop. if you Learn How to install the Arduino step-by-step guide then click on how to install Arduino Button given Blow


The following Arduino code is used to blink the laser. It will repeatedly turn them on and off the laser in one-second breaks.

int laserPin = 13;
void setup() {                
	pinMode(laserPin, OUTPUT);  // Define the digital output interface pin 13 
void loop() {
	digitalWrite(laserPin, HIGH); // Turn on the laser head
	delay(1000); // wait for one second
	digitalWrite(laserPin, LOW); // Turn off the laser head


  1. Laser Pointers: The KY-008 module is often used as the core component in laser pointers for presentations, astronomy, and demonstrations.
  2. Optical Communication: It enables optical communication in projects where data needs to be transmitted over short distances using laser beams.
  3. Security Systems: The module is employed in security systems to create laser-based intrusion detection systems or laser tripwires.
  4. Object Detection: It can serve as a proximity sensor or object detection device for robotics and automation projects.
  5. Educational Demonstrations: The KY-008 module is utilized in educational settings to demonstrate the properties and behavior of laser light in physics and engineering experiments.

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