KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module with Arduino


Welcome to the world of sensor interfacing with Arduino! In this guide, we’ll explore How to Interfacing KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module with Arduino. The KY-036 sensor module allows Arduino projects to detect touch or contact with metal surfaces, enabling various applications such as proximity sensing, object detection, and touch-sensitive interfaces. Let’s delve into the details of the KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor and learn how to integrate it with Arduino for touch detection.

Hardware Required

You will require the following Hardware Components for the, How to Interfacing KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module with Arduino.

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Arduino UNO1Buy Link
KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor1Buy Link
37 in 1 Sensor kit (Optional)1Buy Link
9v DC Adapter (Optional)1Buy Link
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What is KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor?

The KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor is a module designed to detect touch or contact with metal surfaces. It utilizes capacitive sensing technology to detect changes in capacitance caused by the proximity of a conductive object, such as a human finger or a metal object. The KY-036 module provides a simple and reliable solution for touch detection in Arduino projects.



  1. Metal Touch Detection:
    • Detects touch or contact with metal surfaces, providing a digital output signal to indicate touch events.
  2. Adjustable Sensitivity:
    • Allows for adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor to optimize performance in different environments and applications.
  3. Non-contact Sensing:
    • Performs non-contact sensing of metal surfaces, making it suitable for applications where physical contact with the target object is not desired.
  4. Simple Interface:
    • Simple interface with Arduino using digital input pins and minimal external components.
  5. Low Power Consumption:
    • Designed for low power operation, making it suitable for battery-powered applications with minimal energy consumption.



Pin Configuration

NoPin NameDescription
1A0Analog Input
3+Positive Supply
4D0Digital Output


  1. Operating Voltage:
    • Typically operates at 5V, compatible with Arduino’s voltage levels.
  2. Sensing Method:
    • Capacitive sensing technology for detecting changes in capacitance caused by touch or proximity to metal surfaces.
  3. Sensitivity:
    • Adjustable sensitivity for detecting touch or contact with metal surfaces of varying sizes and materials.
  4. Detection Range:
    • Detects touch or proximity to metal surfaces within a specified range, typically up to several millimeters.
  5. Dimensions:
    • Compact form factor suitable for integration into Arduino projects with limited space constraints.

Circuit Diagram

The following circuit shows you the connection of the How to Interfacing KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module with Arduino. Please make the connection carefully


Circuit Connections

ArduinoKY-036 Sensor
A0 PinA0
D7 PinD0

Installing Arduino IDE Software

First, you will require to Download the updated version of Arduino IDE Software and Install it on your PC or laptop. if you Learn How to install the Arduino step-by-step guide then click on how to install Arduino Button given Blow


//For more Projects:

int digitalPin = 7;   // KY-036 digital interface
int analogPin = A0;   // KY-036 analog interface
int ledPin = 13;      // Arduino LED pin
int digitalVal;       // digital readings
int analogVal;        // analog readings

void setup()
  pinMode(analogPin, INPUT);

void loop()
  // Read the digital inteface
  digitalVal = digitalRead(digitalPin); 
  if(digitalVal == HIGH) 
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // Turn ON Arduino's LED
    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);  // Turn OFF Arduino's LED

  // Read analog interface
  analogVal = analogRead(analogPin);
  Serial.println(analogVal);  // Print analog value to serial



  1. Proximity Sensing:
    • Use the KY-036 sensor for proximity sensing applications to detect the presence of metal objects within a certain range.
  2. Object Detection:
    • Implement object detection systems using the KY-036 sensor to detect the presence or absence of metal objects.
  3. Touch-sensitive Interfaces:
    • Create touch-sensitive interfaces or buttons for user interaction in electronic projects.
  4. Security Systems:
    • Integrate the KY-036 sensor into security systems for detecting unauthorized access or tampering with metal surfaces.
  5. Industrial Automation:
    • Incorporate the KY-036 sensor into industrial automation applications for detecting metal components or parts in manufacturing processes.


The KY-036 Metal Touch Sensor Module offers a versatile and reliable solution for detecting touch or contact with metal surfaces with Arduino. With its adjustable sensitivity, simple interface, and compact design, the KY-036 module provides endless possibilities for incorporating touch detection into Arduino projects. Let’s explore the potential of metal touch sensing and unlock new opportunities for creativity and innovation!

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